Recycling & Food Waste Plastic Products.

Our Injection Moulded Food Waste and kerbside collection polypropylene plastic product range, due to its innovative bespoke design are suitable for the disposal of organic and compo-stable material and materials within the WRAP UK recycling standards.

Food waste plastic products:

Our products have many aspects of innovative design and quality these include:

Wide aperture, allowing you to easily scrape foods into the product without creating mess.

Strong close fitting lid, to prevent spillage and lock in odours from food waste. (Our 23 litre fox proof caddy is proven to be fox and domestic pet proof.)

Wipe clean plastic surface/spillage friendly.

Strong handle to lift and move safely lessening physical exertion and health risks. 

Sleek design and shape adheres to the use of compo-stable bin liners and inline with WRAP standards.

Large volume.

Available in recycled and up-cycled materials, created within our UK based site, reducing impact on the environment and supporting our circular economy business strategy.

Compo-stable materials that are suitable for our  food waste plastic products.

  • Raw food – vegetables, fruit, meat and fish
  • Cooked food – vegetables, fruit, meat and fish
  • Meat and fish bones, including turkey carcass
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Dairy products – eggshells and cheese
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Out of date food
  • Food scrapings from your plate
  • Animal food – wet and dry cat and dog food
  • Shredded paper
  • Kitchen roll
  • Wine corks (natural cork only) *

*Please check your restrictions with your local council and authority.

Kerbside collection plastic recycling boxes.

Our quality, strong and easily movable recycling kerbside boxes and caddies are widely used across the UK, suitable for a wide and diverse range of recyclable materials. * Please check with your local authority or council what materials are within their guidelines.

Our plastic kerbside collection product range features include:

Nesting stacking ability, to make storage and collection handling an easier process.

Strong durable plastic to assure long lasting products, to withhold large weights and withstand the ever changing elements.

Printable surfaces assuring products are sorted correctly , assisting collection and also identifiable to local authority, council or business.

Adaptable and correct size for accessories that help keep recycling dry, retain-able and accessible.

Available in a wide range of colours, and recyclable material allowing for organisation and collection ease.


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