RWM & LARAC 2018

We recently attended RWM and LARAC 2018. Providing Councils, Local Authorities and Businesses with opportunity to discuss our 360 circular economy business model, investments and our recycling and food waste products. Join us in 2019!

Quality Recycling Products

Injection moulded kerbside collection recycling and food waste products. Produced with up to 85% reground recyclable plastic material.

We have made investment in a new In-House recycling plant fully operational early 2019.

New Business

Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD National  account managers can support you in enabling you to create your idea, product or design. UK based specialists within the recycling and waste and plastics industry.

Injection Moulded Plastic

Injection and blow moulded plastic products, produced and developed in our UK based factory accredited and quality tested.

Speciality Machinery & Continuous Investment.

We maintain and monitor all our machines for quality and product production. developing and training our staff and investing in new machinery to create a 360 circular economy sound business.

British Business

British Business. Based in the UK distributing Internationally. Celebrating 30 years in British Manufacturing in 2019.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Responsible for the company’s contribution to supporting staff and their well being, developing support for mental health, creating opportunity for local and international charities, and raise awareness in support of our local community.


Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD recycling  and food waste products are flexible and are usable for almost every sector for the commercial and domestic waste streams. All our recycling products are adaptable for use within local authorities, councils, businesses, independents and trades. Our food waste products are of an exceptional quality and standard, helping you to be more environmentally sound, and compost food waste instead of disposing of food and other compo-stable waste into landfill.        If you are interested in any of our food waste products or would like to organise a sales visit please contact


Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD are making every effort investing in efficiency and recycling of waste material, reducing our carbon footprint and developing our 360 circular economy If you are interested in finding out more visit our site.

Plastic Trade Packaging

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd injection moulded trade packaging for food, household and trade products are adaptable and versatile, of which many have secondary use ability, from quality plastic and are BRC accredited.

If you are interested in developing a new product, would like to visit our UK based factory to discuss with our business development team or are looking for versatile and strong packaging for your current business or product please contact us:

Company number 07964239

North Florida Road, Haydock Industrial Estate, Haydock, Merseyside, WA11 9TP, UK

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