Exercising for Mental Health

Being surrounded by family, positivity, colour and lights lifting the mind and mood, and suddenly all is gone, decorations, family, the excitement and then back to normality for those struggling with mental health or anxiety.

As a business Coral Products PLC, identify the importance of mental health and the well being of all of our staff.

Red January began when Hannah Beecham’s Mother had a life changing physical experience which lead to a decline in her mental health, sharing this experience and identifying that many others were struggling with similar issues Hannah began working with Mind and has helped raised over £1.2 million with Red January.

Red January, encourages individuals to exercise everyday throughout January, a goal to encourage positive attitude and feel better about yourself, improving your mental health.

Stephanie Ingham our Human Resources Group Manager, leads the way with a positive attitude towards the mental health and well being of our staff, by not only providing training, bringing in external parties to support our staff but by being a leader with regards to mental health and well being.

Stephanie is participating in Red January:

“Like most people, I over indulge at Christmas. I wake up on January 1st with a significant amount of extra pounds and what feels like a permanent hangover. January is difficult, it’s dark, miserable and it feels like it goes on forever.

This year I wanted to approach it in a different way. I read about Red January and thought it would be good to set myself a challenge. My motivation usually wears off by around the 3rd January so taking part in something would mean I have to follow it through. Mental health is a topic close to my heart and I’m a firm believer that exercise can help.

I’m hoping it gets me through January in a more positive way and help me get 2019 off to the best possible start.”

No matter who the person is everyone is struggling with something, physical disabilities are obvious, the hidden conditions and mental health impact physical health, it is our mission as a group to support our staff, provide an outlet to excel and grow, and establish positivity not only in plastic, but within our work force.