Recycling, responsibility and Christmas.

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It’s almost Christmas, trees are up, presents being purchased and recycling collections changing.

It’s estimated there is 20% increase in rubbish disposal between Christmas to the New Year holiday period. The extra waste amount must be disposed of somewhere.

If everyone reused or up-cycled it would make a huge difference.

While the winter holiday season brings good cheer for most people, it also brings a lot more waste to landfill and harm to the environment.

Here are some environmentally-smart tips.

Wrapping paper is often used once and thrown away. Try using colourful pages of magazines or avoid using paper entirely by using reusable decorative boxes, gift bags or hampers. If you do buy wrapping paper, look for ones made of recycled paper or recycled content. Reusable ribbons or fabric can be used in place of plastic bows and you can save paper to reuse next year.

Gifts that are more personal are ones you made yourself or support independent businesses, home-baked gingerbread, jam or chutney is a way to reuse jars, tins and boxes as well as getting creative. If creating or baking isn’t your thing why not give gifts that create memories and minimal waste: concert or cinema tickets, dinner at a restaurant, or a gift voucher for time/babysitting/pet sitting, it’s a gift like this giving time our most valuable commodity that means the most.

We send cards to a small amount of customers and colleagues. It is a way of notifying factory shut down and thanking them personally.

Please note these are sent to a few, the cards use recyclable material, and we are encouraging each card to be reused, for example, use as a book mark/page divider. This decision was made to send these cards, as there are charities that benefit from be given used cards after Christmas (we are hoping receiving ours, with this information, will encourage others who did not know about this benefit for charity, to donate used cards themselves.)

One of the big forms of waste is disposable party products. Why not use reusable plates, glasses and cutlery that can be washed. Kitchen roll, tissues and paper napkins can be composted, so add these and wine corks (made from cork) to your compost.

You can save energy. Turn off tree lights and outside lights when you go to bed, your neighbours will appreciate it also!

Remember these things!

Recycle, reduce, reuse and compost.

Our plastic products are created with up to 85% recycled material, we are conscience of our environmental impact and want to make a difference, they also support your recycling needs with a wide range of products that can support composting of food waste and storage of recyclable materials, all our products in this range are reusable.

We have invested in a new in-house recycling plant that will be fully functional by the end of January 2019, so we can support you and your business with recycling, reducing landfill and support you in taking steps to a 360 circular economy business strategy.

This is our gift to you this Christmas! A few helpful hints to reduce waste, and a way to make a difference.

Let’s make a difference, reduce plastic to landfill, and support British Business this Christmas.