Project Distribution

Our inhouse dedicated Six Sigma and Prince2 trained project team are here to make sure every project meets its goal of 100% On Time in Full completion.

The team oversee the project management of every aspect of a local authorities’ project, whether it be separation of food waste, kerbside sort or a third parties product distribution. Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd have the right team for the project.

From Factory Floor to Residents Door distribution specialist

Project distribution and management.

As a specialist in all aspects of local authorities’ and councils recycling, food waste and kerbside collection requirements, Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are your choice of distribution and project management partner for  your entire project.

The process is seamless and involves the following steps:

Project Consultation – We assure the full process and requirements are understood by all parties, with open communication and strategic planning.

Open Manufacturing Schedule – The local authority  and/or council will have full access along with daily updates on the manufacturing schedule.

Logistics Management – Where possible Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd will use transport local to the purchasing local authority. 

Depot Delivery, Offloading and Stock Management – Our dedicated staff will ensure all products are offloaded and stored to allow the project to work seamlessly without hindering existing depot operations

Distribution – Our  partners in distribution Jet Logistics  will enable your product to have a seamless transition from factory to distribution facility.

Distribution Auditing – Independent auditing of our third-party distribution partner will enable daily and weekly reports (if required) administered to the local authority or council on the progress of the distribution process.

24/7 accessibility – The local authority will have access to data via a designated project manager on hand to answer any queries via appropriate communication channels.

If you would like further details/samples of documentation/discussion of our processes please contact Jonathan Wragg.

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