Putting our plastic products to the test!

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Putting our plastic products to the test! In January we asked several people to put our plastic products to the test, these people live in a variety of situations and areas, some have recycling, some do not have any recycling or food waste collection. They live in various places, an isolated community in a rural setting open to the elements, a flat in London, and a housing estate with all amenities.

Here are the three volunteers varying opinions on our products:
5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy.
23 Litre Kerbside Caddy

Adam Thackeray Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD’s Business Development Manager specialises in recycling and waste product’s delivered these items in rain and snow, to the isolated location so they were put to the test from the onset!

Test 1:
Female: 50-60, household occupants 5 children (aged 2, 5, 10,13, and 16), 2 adults. Animals 3 cats.
Testing 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy and 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy.
Situation: Housing Estate in the home counties.

Test 2:
Female: aged 35-45, household occupants 2 adults. Animals 4 cats and 2 dogs.
Testing: 5 Litre Deluxe Caddy, 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy.
Situation: Rural area, in North Devon surrounded by farmland and coastal path, animal sanctuary next to property.

Test 3:
Male aged 45-55, household single occupancy 1 adult, 1 dog and 1 cat.
Testing: 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy.
Situation: Situated in central London within a block of flats.

Tester 1:
“I live on a housing estate in Oxfordshire, we have a good recycling service and currently have food waste bins and kerbside collection, I was provided with both the 5 Litre Deluxe Caddy and the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy.”

“We enjoy recycling and up-cycle, my children have been bought up to minimise waste and have always taken packed lunches to school, with minimal single use plastic wrapping. I have had many arguments over chocolate biscuits versus fruit and have often found the children have swapped fruit for chocolate biscuits by the rogue packaging found in their lunch bags.”

“We eat a healthy diet and use as much of the produce as possible in stocks and soups, but as we are a large family there is a large quantity of food waste left, with regards to peelings and at times food simply forgotten, my husband and I both work full time so lifestyle and work often take over.”

“The 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy fits neatly on my sideboard next to my oven, the children (that are allowed to cook) can all reach it easily and can also open it and close it properly, something our current caddy can be difficult at times, the children are able to identify when it is too full, and will empty this easily into the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy and then simply wipe the container out with kitchen roll and put this in the caddy for composting.”

“As we currently have no space for the Kerbside Caddy this has been left outside, we have had a lot or rain this winter and snow, and the caddy does not appear effected by this, even after freezing ice was chipped off the top, it still opened efficiently, we empty our caddy into the compost heap, as our current collection will not take the Kerbside Caddy as it is not recognised, it is different with the lockable lid, and also is a different shape, we use both equally well, and the bright colour off the caddy does make it stand out, so the children usually fill this one first, a versatile collection of plastic recycling and food waste products, thank you for letting us trial them.”

Tester 2:
” I like bright colours, it makes a difference to the look of things, it stands out and gets noticed, I had the choice of the darker ‘council’ choice of colours, green, brown and grey, but I was drawn to the bright red design of the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy we have no street lighting where we are situated, so bright colours are a good thing, when I have to go outside. I choose the green 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy as it suited my kitchen (I fully understand that people do not get these choices, however there is an option for bright colours, which I think more councils should consider.)

I’m an animal lover I reside in a rural area, which looks idyllic, it brings its problems, we do not have wheelie bins, our residential seagulls are often ravenous, and they appear to be in cahoots with the local rat colony. This therefore brings added issues, cats, rats and other creatures get into bin bags, people leave waste, rubbish and a great deal of plastic, and in peak season vast quantities of chips are discarded, the fury fiends and the skilful seagulls find contentment in these people discarding rubbish and food waste.”

“When I first started using the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy, at first, I found it difficult to open, this was not because of the design, it was simply due to human error, and my lack of ability to follow instruction. The design has a button which you press to release two catches which in turn unlocks, this then opens easily and has a strong hinge with a slow drop lid.  After doing some research and seeing on tweets and a blog from Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD that you can compost corks and kitchen paper, not only suitable food waste was being put into the caddy but also my bin was not as full.”

“The 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy, is situated next to my sink, it fits perfectly and is unobtrusive, it makes it easy to put waste from meals and meal preparation and also doesn’t have a smell due to the filter on the top, the composting bags also fit easily, the handle on the back makes it easy to carry the caddy outside to dispose of the food waste into the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy, easy to use and much stronger than other com-posters /caddy’s I have used, also being made of plastic has had its advantages, as my last bin was metal and rusted through.”

“Due to this new process of disposing of food waste, not only have I been able to manage my household better, but my com-poster is less full as within the 23 Litre Kerbside Caddy the composting process had already commenced, the liquid produced has fed my hanging baskets and they are flourishing, and I have not had any animals rip any bags as the food waste has been stored appropriately and is inaccessible to them, I can honestly say these products are making a difference, and from this test I will continue to use them.”

Tester 3:
“My flat is on the third floor of a small block situated in East London, I live in an area where there are a great number of young people who play outside, and the bins are often used as goal posts. We do not currently have food waste collection; however, we have a communal allotment which has green composting bins available for tenants and residents.”

“I haven’t recycled food waste before, or saved food waste, I just threw it in my bin along with everything permitted, it felt like it was too much of a chore, to save it in my limited space, so I thought upon receipt of the food caddy it would be a worthwhile test.  I had been given the 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy. The main reason his caddy appealed was because of the handle/hook on the back of the caddy, with the limited space I have this would be ideal to hang on the back of my door in my kitchen.”

“At first I spent some time finding what I could put in to the caddy and what the allotment committee allowed, I was surprised to see a wide variety of items not just food waste was permitted, after each meal I would scrape the chopping board into the caddy on the back of the kitchen door, its easy and it does not take up any valuable kitchen work surface space and also with the sliding filter on the top, this seems to not release any smells of food decomposing.”

“Each week, I take the caddy out to the allotments empty it into the compost bin and return home after my weekly visit to the allotment. Washing it is simple as you would any plastic product and it dry’s quickly. Importantly being high up and on the back of my door, this has meant my dog has not been able to get into the caddy, a great deal of food waste is poisonous to my dog, and this handle has made me confident in disposing of food waste in this manner.”

“This process has been much easier than I had thought and has also made the job of carrying the bins down a lot less tedious, a great design, and easy to use.”

We are conscious that our testers were also made aware that our products are made using reground waste plastics improving our circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint, as a company we listen to people’s comments and take these into consideration when creating new products.

We look forward to hearing back from our kerbside collection box reviewers next month, putting the strength of our boxes to the test, at events and within their homes.

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