We contribute to a better world by being an innovator in plastic.

Plastics are the source of a huge, continually expanding range of innovations that contribute to sustainability, safety, longer lives and better performance. In our everyday lives at home, in the office, and on the road, plastics are there, fulfilling some essential role in an efficient, convenient and cost-effective manner.

We innovate to enable a sustainable future for all of us.

Resource not a waste

We take what others deem as waste and create quality recyclable material that can create unlimited plastic products. Plastic is a resource and as an innovator in plastic materials and creator of quality plastic products our recycled material is being used within a diverse range of industry, in the UK and Europe.

Full in house service

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are a one-stop service. We offer our customers project management from the initial design phase to delivery of low and high-volume items. Our company key sets includes innovative product development, own mould and tool design capabilities as well as own production plant in the United Kingdom.


Our design team enables us as part of the Coral PLC Group of companies to offer all businesses with an opportunity to innovate.

Circular economy and recycling

As one of the first plastic manufacturers in the UK to install a full in house 24 hour recycling plant, we have lead the industry in a new innovative path.