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As a business everyone has targets, goals, processes, developments, projects, the list goes on.

The main purpose for any business is to be profitable, and utilise all aspects of investment.

When you hear investment, instantly your mind is drawn to large pieces of machinery, revolutionary technology, and property, these are factors, however we are focusing on the basics.

Each plastic polymer used has been on a journey, these tiny pellets are created from natural resources, and have a long life. (Plastics are made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil through a polymerisation or polycondensation process.) Each pellet is a form of investment. 

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If you think about every product that is created from plastic, it has travelled many miles, has been through hours of processing and production, and then for many it’s life is cut short and has historically been shipped on a journey to China, to landfill, or simply stacked up and left.

Within the plastics industry some have made mistakes, however credit has to be given to many of our colleagues and collaborators within the plastics industry as many are making changes and are implementing a new way of doing business.

Plastic is not evil, it is life saving which has been more than proven, within the times of the recent worldwide pandemic.

Plastics have simply been dealt a bad hand, and due to some abusing the processes, plastic has ended up in places, that it was never meant to have been, let alone entering our food stream, or ocean bed.

At Coral Products PLC, we are a company that has had to diversify and adapt to change since our days as a supplier of packaging for the entertainment, music and film industry. We have grown the business and through the group we supply extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding products into a wide range of industry’s, including telecoms, recycling, automotive, household, food and beauty.

Our business of over 30 years has an experienced CEO, with an eye for detail, that brings onboard projects and innovations that others may overlook, or deem irrelevant. We bring staff and teams together to enable a complete in house project from design to creation, with R and D and recycled polymer as a focus.

Our business uses what others deem as waste, or simply sweep away.

At Coral Products PLC we know the value of every plastic pellet.

If it ends up on the floor, it’s a waste a loss of profit for the business and does not support our circular economic business strategy.

As a group we have invested heavily in processes and structures that can utilise our “waste resource,” a state of the art recycling facility onsite in our Haydock site, has enabled us to create a circular economic strategy and offer this process to customers, by collecting and gathering waste plastics, whilst delivering new product, this has reduced costs for many LA’s and Councils and has provided an in house resource for development of our new innovative products.

Thinking outside of the box, (pardon the pun as we create many bins, boxes and caddy’s!) Is what Mick Wood and our team are very good at.

Using plastic on site, keeping polymer in production, utilising automation and cobots to enable the up skilling of staff, creating innovative ideas enables us to provide a fresh approach to supporting other business.

  • How can we help?
  • Do you have a tool that is lying dormant, that could be used to create a different product?
  • If you made that product in a different colour could it be used in another industry?
  • Is there a pile of plastic, waiting for collection that you are paying to be removed, as it simply is no use?
  • If the answer to any of the above is yes, contacting our sales team and project management staff could help you take that next step!
  • As part of the British plastics industry we are endeavouring to make change, with a New Year approaching why not make a New Years Resolution?

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