Everything increases this time of year, the average spend, the amount of electricity used, and consumption on many levels.

The impact of this creates a large amount of additional waste.

Reflecting back on our previous blog, it is important that we take a stand because it is the simple steps, we can make ourselves that make that difference.

We the individuals have created the problem. This has been highlighted over many months within the news and negative press, education is the key, however their are certain individuals whom are deceiving and utilising the disposal of waste in a way that is illegal, and as presumed by Michael Gove in previous statements as supporting serious crimes such as human trafficking.

Recently the illegal disposal of waste Michael Gove has bought to the forefront and is a focus, he discusses this in his ministerial foreword to the Resources and Waste Strategy. Mr Gove puts the cost of waste crime at £600 million in the year of 2016. The government have been provided with 60 million in funds previously to address this situation, Mr Gove announces that a stronger approach is needed and he will tackle it and protect our environment.

“To rid the country of waste crime” the proposal includes better intelligence sharing, tougher and stricter penalties, raise awareness of the rules around waste movements and track with digital records.

The strategy says that motivators for waste crime are often financial. A waste operator can evade a significant portion of their landfill tax liability by mis-classifying waste. People may find the cheapest option is hiring someone that is not regulated to remove their waste. This has a huge impact on the environment as more hazardous waste and recyclable waste is dumped illegally in areas of open space.

We await to see how matters are to be addressed, there have been a lot of rumours, and also scepticism.

Our gift to you this Christmas is to assure you we are doing everything we can to work with reliable suppliers, investing within our business so that we can support others, establishing new areas of development within the business (our in house recycling plant for plastic products will be fully functional early 2019,) and investing in our people (gaining investors in people status in 2018 is just the start.)

We wish you a happy Christmas and a promising and productive 2019.