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Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of plastic injection, extruded and blow moulded products into a diverse range of sectors including food packaging, personal care, household, recycling and kerbside collection, food waste and telecoms.



With 30 years within injection moulded plastics we have diversified and created new innovation in plastics. 

Initially the Company focused on serving the VHS market with a range of video cassette cases which was later complemented by the production of plastic housewares manufactured for supermarkets’ own label ranges.

In 1995 the Company commenced production of CD cases and in 2000 cr4reated a new line of plastic  DVD cases.

With the decline of media packaging the company sought to diversify its product portfolio and in 2009 it launched a range of solutions for injection moulded plastic waste collection containers in the form of kerbside recycling boxes, food waste caddies and associated accessories.

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd has also built up a good reputation as a trade moulder working with its customers for solutions and offering a 24 hour 5 days a week production service, with scope for 7 days if needed.

Further investment has enabled us as a business to adapt and diversify again.

The installation of a 24 hour recycling unit situated within our UK manufacturing site in Haydock has been designed to both process high levels, and improve the quality of material being processed via its unique cleaning process. There is no waste plastic, everything is a resource, from blow moulding trimmings, to end of life materials, everything is recycled through our plant and used in the creation of quality recycled material plastic products, which include household, food, beauty and stock for supermarkets.

We offer value for money plastic products and recycling solutions.

As a business we are recognised as identifying gaps in the market, developing innovative design, creating quality plastic products and suppling to a diverse range of industries. 


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